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Quote of the Day
But our elevator did have one unique trait. It could not stand going
above the thirteenth floor. I mean, of course, that there are recorded
instances in the history of the institute of individual skilled
craftsmen who managed to overcome the contrariness of the mechanism
and, giving it its head, went up to absolutely fantastic heights. But
for the average man, the endless territory of the institute looming
above the thirteenth floor was just a blank. There were all kinds of
rumors, some contradictory, about those territories, almost completely
cut off from the world and influence of the administration. It was
maintained, for example, that the one hundred twenty-fourth floor had
an exit into an adjoining space with different physical properties,
that on the two hundred thirtieth floor lived a mysterious race of
alchemists - the spiritual descendants of the famous Union of the Nine
established by the enlightened Indian king Asoka, and that on the one
thousand seventeenth floor, the old man, his wife, and the Golden Fish
still lived on the shore of the Blue Sea
         -- Tale of the Troika, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

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