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Quote of the Day
 For example, if a stone falls from a roof on to some one's head and
 kills him, they will demonstrate by their new method, that the stone
 fell in order to kill the man; for, if it had not by God's will
 fallen with that object, how could so many circumstances (and there
 are often many concurrent circumstances) have all happened together
 by chance? Perhaps you will answer that the event is due to the facts
 that the wind was blowing, and the man was walking that way. "But
 why," they will insist, "was the wind blowing, and why was the man at
 that very time walking that way?"  If you again answer, that the wind
 had then sprung up because the sea had begun to be agitated the day
 before, the weather being previously calm, and that the man had been
 invited by a friend, they will again insist: "But why was the sea
 agitated, and why was the man invited at that time?" So they will
 pursue their questions from cause to cause, till at last you take
 refuge in the will of God-in other words, the sanctuary of ignorance.
        -- The Ethics: Concerning God, Baruch Spinoza

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