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Quote of the Day
 Drug misuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like the decision to
 step out in front of a moving car. You would call that not a disease
 but an error in judgment. When a bunch of people begin to do it, it
 is a social error, a life-style. In this particular life-style the
 motto is "be happy now because tomorrow you are dying," but the dying
 begins almost at once, and the happiness is a memory. ... If there
 was any "sin," it was that these people wanted to keep on having a
 good time forever, and were punished for that, but, as I say, I feel
 that, if so, the punishment was far too great, and I prefer to think
 of it only in a Greek or morally neutral way, as mere science, as
 deterministic impartial cause-and-effect.
           A Scanner Darkly, Philip K. Dick

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