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Quote of the Day
    `After that he always chose out a "dog command" and sent them
 ahead. It had the task of informing the inhabitants in the village
 where we were going to stay overnight that no dog must be allowed to
 bark in the night otherwise it would be liquidated. I was also on one
 of those commands and when we came to a village in the region of
 Milevsko I got mixed up and told the mayor that every dog-owner whose
 dog barked in the night would be liquidated for strategic
 reasons. The mayor got frightened, immediately harnessed his horses
 and rode to headquarters to beg mercy for the whole village. They
 didn't let him in, the sentries nearly shot him and so he returned
 home, but before we got to the village everybody on his advice had
 tied rags round the dogs muzzles with the result that three of them
 went mad.'
        -- The good soldier Svejk, Jaroslav Hasek

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