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Sariel Har-Peled     שריאל הר-פלד
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Quote of the Day
  She decided to teach English in a school, and Jose, as usual, was
  very nice about it and very helpful. Every morning her black
  Cadillac would take her to a miserable little building beyond the
  market - one day she was going to see to it that there were proper
  schools built in this country everywhere - and then the chauffeur
  would open the door respectfully, his cap in his hand, and she would
  step out, sometimes a little drunk, and they would receive her
  respectfully. The teacher in charge was a very nice old man, and he
  would lead her into the classroom and the children were so sweet and
  attentive and looked with their big eyes at the beautifully dressed
  lady who was standing a little unsteadily by the blackboard writing
  strange words in a foreign language on it.
        -- Romain Gary, The talent scout

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