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Quote of the Day
They were both beautifully got up - all lace and silky stuff, and
flowers, and ribbons, and dainty shoes, and light gloves.  But they
were dressed for a photographic studio, not for a river picnic.  They
were the "boating costumes" of a French fashion-plate.  It was
ridiculous, fooling about in them anywhere near real earth, air, and

The first thing was that they thought the boat was not clean.  We
dusted all the seats for them, and then assured them that it was, but
they didn't believe us.  One of them rubbed the cushion with the
forefinger of her glove, and showed the result to the other, and they
both sighed, and sat down, with the air of early Christian martyrs
trying to make themselves comfortable up against the stake...
        -- Three men in a boat, Jerome K. Jerome

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