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Quote of the Day
 Well, I knew that it was it.  I knew I didn't have long, to live in
 this world.  And in my last remaining seconds in the world I knew
 that it was my obligation to, write one last farewell song to the
 world.  Took out a piece of paper, I pulled out a pen, and it didn't
 write I, I had to put another ink cartridge in it.  I sat back and I
 thought for awhile and then it come to me, it come like a flash, like
 a vision burnt across the clouds.  I just wrote it down.  I learned
 it right away.  "I don't want a pickle, just want to ride on my
 motorsickle.  And I don't want a tickle, I'd rather ride on my
 motorsickle.  And I don't want to die, just, want to ride on my
 motorcy - cle."  Hey I, you know, I knew it wasn't the best song I
 ever wrote, but I didn't have time to change it. But you know the
 most amazing thing was, that I didn't die, I landed on the top of a
 police car, and it died.
        -- Motorcycle (Significance of the Pickle) Song - Arlo Guthrie

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