Sad news

Jirka Matousek had died yesterday (Monday, March 9, 2015) after a long illness at age 52. Today would have been his birthday. Not only was Jirka an amazing researcher, but he had written several important books, from his wonderful book on discrepancy, to his equally great book on discrete geometry, to his book on the Borsuk-Ulam theorem, and his (coauthored) introductory book on discrete math. See his webpage for more information about his books and papers.

I feel inadequate to summarize Jirka’s research. From his work on partitions trees, discrepancy, embeddings, topology, linear-programming, derandomization, cuttings, approximation algorithms, discrete geometry and much much more.

Quoting from the email I got with this sad news: “He will further live with us through our memories and in his excellent books and papers.”

May he rest in peace.


March 3, 2015

Weather app I use is going through hard times. Says Saturday weather is going to be dreary. Too depressed to to discuss Sunday weather.

The singularity is coming…

So the house extended DHS funding by one week. Previously, the funding was for a year, I assume. So, the funding period just shrank by a factor of (roughly) 50. Next week they are going to extend the funding by 3.3 hours, then followed by funding the DHS for 4 minutes, then the DHS would be funded by 5 seconds, and after that, for all practical purposes, we are going to hit the singularity on this piece of legislation.

Get all the homeland security you can get now, before it hits the singularity…

I just have to wonder where all the grownups are.

The article


February 19, 2015

YOFDO = You only freeze to death once (it is -18C here now).


February 16, 2015

I weak reject your weak reject, but I am willing to weak accept a weak accept with reservations.

Just say no…

It is annoying when you ask people to referee a paper for a journal, and they do not even answer your email request. It is completely OK to refuse to referee a paper (from I am too busy, to I do not think this work is interesting, or not provide any excuse whatsoever [Sorry, I will not referee this paper.]). Just say no…


January 31, 2015

It seems many people around here do not know the word phlegmatic.


January 18, 2015

Fantasy tax plan. The only game in town if you are the president, and the opposition control both the senate and the house.


January 10, 2015

Somebody smart somewhere said something mindbogglingly stupid. Can we just declare its stupid, move on, without analyzing it to death?


January 4, 2015

Snow + Taliban = Snaliban. We are currently under unprovoked attack by the Snaliban.