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17/18 Fall Introduction to Algorithms & Models of Computation (CS/ECE 374).
Spring Randomized Algorithms.
16/17 Sabbatical?
15/16 Fall Theory II (new CS 473)
Spring No teaching no cry.
14/15 Fall Graduate Algorithms (573)
Spring Algorithms (473).
13/14 Fall Graduate Algorithms (573)
Spring Randomized Algorithms.
12/13 Fall Graduate Algorithms (573)
Spring Undergrad Algorithms.
11/12 Fall Fundumental Algorithms (473)
Spring Computational Geometry (498).
10/11 Fall Randomized Algorithms (598)
Spring 473 - algorithms
09/10 Fall Algorithms (573)
Spring 598 - Geometric approximation algorithms
08/09 Fall Randomized Algorithms
Spring 373 - Introduction to the theory of computation
07/08 Fall 473G - Algorithms
Spring 273
06/07 Sabbatical!
05/06 Fall Randomized algorithms
Spring 473G Algorithms
04/05 Fall Approximation algorithms in geometry
Spring CS 473U - Algorithms (undergrad section)
03/04 Fall CS 373G: Algorithms
Spring CS 273 - Intro to Theory of Computation
2002/03 Fall Randomized Algorithms
Spring CS 373: Algorithms
2001/02 Fall CS 373: Algorithms
Spring CS 373: Algorithms
2000/01 Fall Clustering and Similarity Search in Low dimension
Spring Randomized Algorithms


473 Algorithms.
(Formerly CS 373 Combinatorial Algorithms.)
I continue to do my best to try and improve my teaching abilities - in the end I will get it.

PostDoc in Duke University

Spring semester 1999/2000
Advanced Computational Geometry

TA in Tel-Aviv University

98/99 Fall Semester Software I, Compilation  
Spring Semester Software I
97/98 Fall Semester Software I, Compilation Course
Spring Semester Software I, Workshop on Computational Geometry
Summer Semester Software II
96/97 Fall Semester Assembly Language, Programming Lab 
Spring Semester Compilation Course, Introduction to Computer Science in Scheme 
Summer Semester Assembly Language, Efficiency of Computation 

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