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Quote of the Day
The Director scowled, and taking up the file again, scribbled on the
sheets of paper in several different places. Lynx didn’t know if he
was making notes to fire various clerks for incompetence or simply
scratching out the capital H wherever her name appeared.

“Can’t afford display tabs?” she joked, hoping to steer the
conversation onto a friendly path.

Fordham’s head jerked up in surprise and his features quickly resolved
themselves into a frown. Lynx shifted uneasily in her chair when he
didn’t speak immediately, kicking herself for trying to make a joke so
early in the interview. It wouldn’t be the first time her sense of
humor got her into trouble.

“Paper is the safest technology for keeping secrets,” he said
finally. “All other forms of recordkeeping and communications can be
hacked, altered or intercepted by aliens with superior technology. And
if you’re in a tough spot, you can always eat the paper. Try doing
that with a display tab.”

“Got it, sir,” Lynx responded with alacrity. “Should I use pen or
        -- Spy Night on Union Station, E.M. Foner

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