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Quote of the Day
 Isn't it an artificial, sterilized, didactically pruned world, a mere
 sham world in which you cravenly vegetate, a world without vices,
 without passions without hunger, without sap and salt, a world
 without family, without mothers, without children, almost without
 women? The instinctual life is tamed by meditation. For generations
 you have left to others dangerous, daring, and responsible things
 like economics, law, and politics. Cowardly and well-protected, fed
 by others, and having few burdensome duties, you lead your drones'
 lives, and so that they won't be too boring you busy yourselves with
 all these erudite specialties, count syllables and letters, make
 music, and play the Glass Bead Game, while outside in the filth of
 the world poor harried people live real lives and do real work.
       -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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