Submitting papers to the arxiv with biblatex…

I had this information before on the blog, but information got lost, etc, so I decided it would be a good idea to reproduce some of the information. Before you submit papers to the arxiv, you should copy them to a separate directory, and clean them up — remove unnecessary files, etc. Fortunately, there is a python program that does some of this work for you, see here:

arxiv-latex-cleaner  (use with the –verbose flag!)

which importantly removes comments from the LaTeX (because some people think there is nothing more amusing than finding embarrassing comments in your LaTeX files submitted to the arxiv).

If you use ipe or some other drawing programs, you might want to delete the source files, and only leave the generated pdf files. Remove unnecessary text files, etc.

There are some good reasons to use biblatex (more on that in a later blog entry). However, for technical reasons that are both uninteresting, and unimportant, this is not trivial and requires copying some parts of your biblatex installation with your submission.

Fortunately, there is another nice python program that can do this copying for you:


It works quite well with biblatex.

After that you should have a reasonably clean files for submission. Create a zip file, and submit to the arxiv.

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