Korea 6 – The way of the Kimbab

Many of you might follow the way of the samurai, but here in Korea other ways are preferred. A Kimbab is a roll of rice (bab) wrapped in seaweed (kim). There is a filling inside the rice that can be anything. The concept is remotely similar to Sushi, but usually it is bigger (usually in the size of a hotdog bun, usually sliced into rings once it is made). It can be bought in stores that specialize in making it and it is fun watching them being made, but a more “inferior” triangular version (Simka) can be bought in most convenience stores.

This Kimbab has a shelf life of about 24 hours (thus, the label on the Kimbab tells you the **time** when it expires), and as such it tends to be fresh. The rice contains a small filling which might be Kimchi, or whatever. It is the equivalent of the western small sandwich but it tends to be fresher (and better on average). It would be nice to have this in the US, but I do not think the demand is there yet.

Overall, Kimbab is quite cheap and it is a great light meal replacement. With no further fanfare, I present to you the way of the Kimbab.