So, I made it back to Urbana in the first hour of 2008. Except for a delayed flight, a canceled flight, a hurried taxi trip from JFK to La-Guardia, another delayed flight, and (luckily) severely delayed flight, the trip went smoothly and efficiently. So much better than the trip in the other direction.

Which comes to show you that flight itineraries are an escapism form of modern artistic fantasy. Like the “War on Terror” they have little to do with reality on the ground, and much to do with the speaker/holder hopes and wishes. They demonstrate the truism that “its not good for a prophet to be too specific”. More realistic itineraries should include less absolute statements and more uncertain information like “Dec 13-19 CMI -> ORD”, or “Sometime during Dec 31 (maybe) JFK/LGA/??? -> ORD/???”. Only then would itineraries hold any connection to reality.

Happy new 2008! May your itineraries this year be certain, and their connection to reality firm.

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