In light of the recent uproar about the price of JCSS and the announcement in STOC business meeting of changing the special issue of STOC to SICOMP, and also of several new journals – ACM Transactions on Algorithms, Logical Methods in Computer Science (what about illogical methods in computer science, don’t they get a journal?) and Theory of Computing.

I decided to start my own very high-quality scientific journal. The name of the new journal is **Journal of Papers Written by Sariel**, and is available here. The scope and vision of the new journal are clear. Following the emerging tradition of bribing the editors of a scientific journal, a submission to JPWS would have to include a thousand dollars in small untraceable notes. Of course, a submission would have to include my name as a coauthor, otherwise it would violate the statement of mission of the new journal.

Since the opening of the new journal creates a glut of journals in theory of computing, I humbly suggest to solve this problem by closing down JACM and SICOMP and stopping their publication.

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