The child played on, and suddenly Janek was afraid. For the first time he felt suddenly afraid of death. A German bullet, cold or hunger, disease or capture – and he would disappear from this earth before he could received from the hands and souls of men all the beauty that they had achieved against all odds, against hatred and scorn, against massacre and oppression, all the tremendous beauty they had achieved and lifted above themselves, above their own fate, above their own death, a beauty that runs like a streak, a thread of light , through ages, and which human beings spun and preserved and defended with their own lives, in great anguish of body and spirit, under the anger of aloofness of heavens, answering the cruel challenge of death by creating beauty that shall outlast millenniums.
– **European Education, Roman Gary**

(And he is out of print in the US. You have to wonder how primitive and backward a country can be.)

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