New comment on your post #464 “Elections II”
Author : Sariel Har-Peled
My argument is that if I can not put a small figure next to the text when I am refering to it, then I am not going to put a figure at all, because then the paper would have too many figures, and going and searching for a figure somewhere when you read a paper is disruptive. I dont mind having lines with different length – I dont find it disruptive at all – but then I do read slowly.

As for the margin thing – I kind of like it because it shows more attention to details, but maybe it is despicable and marginalizing the other camp.

As for the theme, I started with mistylook 101 and hacked it quite a lot since I did not like some of its behavior (title image appearing on all pages, quickies not having date on them, and other thingies). I also used some plugins to manage the feeds, archives and categories…

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