Blog is back…

After much hacking I recovered the old entries on my blog. Entries are replicated, and stuff like that, but at least all the entries I have are back online. Several people had some constructive comments on my “Gone, baby, gone” entry (whcih is now gone [but I might reinsert it]). Thanks!

Puting the blog entries back (even in their current deplated form), required some serious hacking [but since I enjoy hacking sometime, I do not complain], the right plugin, installing some pop3 programs and stuff like that. I learned a lot of things from this process, but I think I could have lived happy and long life without knowing them. For example, email might be encoded  by <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base64″>base64</a>, and stuff like that. I guess if this computer science nonsense does not work out for me, I could always work as a programmer ;).

  1. Btw, did you lose all your stuff “because” of your hacking?

  2. Nope.