How the propoganda machine works

A long piece on the “Independent” military analysts.


  1. You do know of course that this is how it works in Israel as well. (Not that Israel is known for its independent press). And I suspect that it works the same in all countries. Those where media coverage is not simply dictated by government, that is. (Cheers from china)

    But I would actually like to claim that what the white house did is not particularly evil. Those are the rules of the game. The problem is in media itself; we’re seeing the effect of this problem in coverage of all subjects (for example, in coverage of new medicine).

    The media seems to have partiality as a built-in feature. Contrast this, for example, with the legal system, where many efforts are taken to ensure impartiality and due process (with reasonably good success, it seems). If journalists would be immediately fired with any evidence of conflict of interest, then we wouldn’t have such phenomena. On the other hand, journalists’ operation highly depends on getting information from partisan players, and so they are in a gray area from the word go.

    And no, I do not have a proposed solution that will fix the media. The media will likely keep working as it is now (if we’re lucky). With proper education people are able to read between the lines, seek out independent sources, and get a reasonably full and representative picture. I do believe it’s all a matter of giving good education for the people. How is the education system in the US doing?

    Happy Pesach!


  2. I agree completely. I think the difference is that in Israel we are used to it. Furthermore, the “generals” had been so ridiculously wrong in the past that everybody is a bit skeptical about whatever they have to say.