Visit to the holy land

Bernard Chazelle visits the Palestinian universities. Interesting. Although the comparison of the Likud to the Hamas is very unsubstantiated considering how the two words are spelled completely differently. I think a better comparison is the Likud to Shakshouka and the Hamas to watermelon (watermelons and Shakshoukas might object to these comparisions, naturally).

And then you can read this joke.

  1. […] the contrast between this and Bernard’s piece, Taking this to be voltage, one can probably come up with an Ohm law to compute […]

  2. The correct comparison is of course of Hammas with Hummus considering how similar these words are spelled. The childish protest of Hammas leaders who constantly refuse to acknowledge that Hammas is actually Hummus, and it’s written in English that way only because its founder Sheik Yussin (usually and mistakenly referred to as Sheik Yassin) constantly confused a’s and u’s, is of course to be dismissed.

  3. I think Bernard also misspelled israel … the right spelling is IsraHELL 🙂 … the serious problem is claiming that Shakshouka is israhelli as mentioned in your wikipedia link 🙂 what next? may be foie gras!

  4. Nice troll.

  5. I protest ! Just because a place is 40C in the summer and run by the most immoral leader in the 21st century does NOT mean it’s hell !

    Sorry, no time. I’ll pick this discussion up once I get back from poking a few sinners with my stick.