The long way home

So, I just returned from Peyman Afshani phd defense in U. of Waterloo. He is currently looking for a post-doc position, so if you are looking for a good post-doc, he might be your man (for the right value of good, naturally).

In any case, I flew from Waterloo (directly) to Detroit in an airplane with 6 passengers in it (the airplane can hold 34), and from there I flew to the bananananana. Sadly, the airplane tried to land and failed (because of Gusty’s leftovers), and so we landed in Fort Wayne, where we had a choice: either stay in the airplane and retry (but if we fail go back to the Detroit), or rent a car and drive over (which is an interesting decision to make, since the underlying probabilities are not clear). I stayed on, and the airplane landed safely in the Shampoo.

So, I returned home late, and I saw only the last five hours of John McCain’s acceptance speech. (It seems that there is some place around here called Washington, DC and its really really bad for you. But not to worry, Johny is going to clean it up, just after he finish telling everybody about how bad it was being a POW.)

  1. Damning with faint praise, huh?

  2. No. Rather praising with faint damnation.

  3. Pfff, sort of Oscar’s Wilde’s dim cousin, language-wise…

    and ‘ususal’ people…? as in ordinary..?? correct grammar indeedd…

    Anyway, how are you? salutations!