SODA rejection

My SODA submission got rejected.  So it goes…

  1. I found some reviews are rather embarrassing.

  2. What do you mean??? I thought the review that had only “…” in its body hit the nail right on the money (I found this a bit harsh BTW – I consider this paper to be at least 4 dots paper).

    Seriously, in my case, the reviews were fair. I am not complaining – the paper clearly needs to be repackaged as an agent of change, and it will be accepted upon resubmission.

  3. Your paper was too elitist, Sariel

  4. What od you mean elitist??? The first two sentences in the abstract were: “Folks, this paper is about usual people and their problems. My friends, you would enjoy the results in this paper…”

  5. See, that’s exactly the problem. You are using sentences with correct grammar, which is elitist by definition. Try to talk more dubya like. I’d give you an example, but I can’t write that way. I am elitist.