The circus in town

You might have heard that life is but a cabaret. I completely reject this point of view. If life is a cabaret, where is the singing? Where is the dancing? Where is the artistic desperation involved? No. After careful inspection one has to reject this vile assertion.

No. Life is a circus. Especially if the aborigines are playing in democracy and pretending to have elections. The show can be quite amusing at times. Consider for example the following article.

Of course, some people claim that life is but a mooseburger, but thats just fail to meet the facts on the ground. Even if the mooseburger had a refueling stop in Ireland.

  1. As it often happens, I didn’t quite get your oblique references… you’ll have to invite me over to UIUC to explain them in person sometime. 🙂 I dig your writing style, though.

  2. Thanks. A bit of scroogling, and I am sure you could figure out the references. See here and here.

  3. how do you find the time to read such articles ….?