See here. I will not make fun of it because, well, its too easy. But I am wondering about one thing – why dont politicians ever say when asked a question – “Ok. Let me think about it for 20 seconds…” and then give an answer,

This is kind of strange if you think about it, because we do it all the time – we dont expect to have even remotely reasonable answers on the spot for all questions without well, thinking about them (or pretending to think about them).

And this interview was not live, so its really something else than being put on the spot. The funny thing is that if SP asked for time out to think about the question it would have depicted her as a more serious person, which is anyway to her advantage.

Update: Even more Q & A with Sarah Palin.

  1. on the other hand, if you look at the post-debate assessments, you hear things about Obama like, “He was forceful and direct, and NOT professorial”. Maybe the professor-model isn’t what appears to work in politics 🙂

  2. Exactly. Being an intellectual is politically risky here.

  3. Sure. But thats what I find strange… It seems to be a I was elected to lead not to read phenomena. Now Obama does not want to look professorial, but if you are a bimbo, looking intellectual has its advantages…

  4. No no no, there’s nothing worse than an intellectual bimbo. Trust me.