Israel #1

Made it to Israel. Flights were somewhat delayed but overall not too bad. Flew through Madrid with Iberia (ok minus overall). Its a huge airport (did not know), and Terminal 4 is new and has the most interesting architecture of an airport terminal I have seen. Except for a confused old man taking my suitcase from the airplane instead of his (but I caught up with him, and took my suitcase from him, so no big harm done, but it was strange), there is nothing to report.

I am jetlegged and a bit sick (to be expected).

As for Israel, it seems to be captured in a time bubble, replaying the same old themes again and again. Its a combination of groundhog day, but with t-shirt weather in the middle of December, with the neverending story, with the difference that the story is also never-beginning going back to the beginning of time. From the same politicians running with the same old, same old  ideas  that did not work 10, 20, 40, or 3000 years ago (the elections are in a month or two, also something that looks like it is always true in Israel). Or headlines decrying the deterioration in the education in Israel (all my life it was deteriorating – it must have been excellent at some point, because it is yet to reach the bottom). To the Gaza strip – poor, mostly unemployed, hextreme, and confused – with some people learning Hebrew, waiting for better times, that never seems to come. To people in the grocery store doing the standard shticks (like being in line, going away to get some extra stuff, and coming back to their old spot in the line). In short, the grave situation can only be compared to the situation a year ago, to whom it is completely identical.

The amazing thing is that there are still Israelies that get upset about all these things. You would think they would learn by now…

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