Rachel – and maybe

Since some person asked about it in the comments, here is one of Rachel most famous poems. Kinnert is the sea of Galilee.


And maybe those things never really were,
I never rose at dawn to the garden,
to work the earth in my fury?

Not once on those harvest days, so searing
and so long,
atop the cart that brimmed with fattened sheaves,
did I not give my voice to song?

Did I never cleanse myself in the innocence
and blue calm
of my Kinneret…oh, my Kinneret-
were you? Or did I dream it?

–Rachel (1927)

(Translation by M. Salomon.) Found here. And there is a really good performance of it here.

The interesting thing about this poem is the “modern” theme of it and its simplicity, considering it was written in 1927. At the time, she was slowly dying of tuberculosis, far from Kinneret, see here.

  1. I think it was Robert Frost who said that “Poetry is what is lost in translation”. Still a good try though.