Happy 2009!

Its arriving early in Israel… It starts with a mini-war here, and lets hope it would not last. 2009 is definitely going to be an interesting year, potentially too interesting.

  1. how is a year born?
    like a bomb.
    it starts with a mini-war,
    and rolls out from there

    how is a year born?
    like a weep.
    it starts with a rocket,
    and later some dead kids

    and everyone is so sad
    and suddenly it escelates
    it turns into a regional conflict
    how is a year born?
    Like a bo-o-o-o–o-mb.

  2. You missed the point about the dead kids:

    How does a kid born?
    Like bees and birds,
    you know the details.

    If everybody in the region
    Took a vow of abstinence,
    for a short period (historically),
    say for 60-120 years.
    There would be no dead kids in the regions
    and no war.

    The same techniques that so successfully prevent teenage sex
    can bring world peace.

  3. Is the international community willing to provide aid for the old people that are left when no new young people are born? Someone needs to provide food, medicine, etc. Otherwise, I like your idea.

  4. It’s not a new idea. I heard of a group preaching this (as a worldwide solution to everything) a couple of years ago.

    Anyway, the Gaza people, like all currently proposed solutions, this solution is an up side down one. They are not born evil, and taught early on they should aspire to die soon (an education with a increasingly successful results). And just what are we supposed to do with all the islamofascist fanatic genocidal bearded ones for 60-120 years ? Even the Europeans are coming to a slow recognition that they stink (sorry, must be PC, “don’t use enough deodorant” is better) so there’s no place to send them.


  5. Yeh. The idea is not new. There are SF/movies were no new babies are born because of biological warfare, so I am not claiming originality.

    Since abstinence would not work (as Rafi pointed out), I think the only solution is to do as the american representative to Palestine suggestion in 1948: “Resolve the conflict in the spirit of Christianity”…

  6. Rafi: the only stink I feel is coming from your direction. It’s inevitable: the stench of Racism always reminds me of bitter almonds.

  7. On a lighter note completely besides the point notice that sariel = \pi(israel), is this just a coincidence ?