The Gaza strip situation

Kashua Sayed explains the operation in the Gaza strip (original article in Hebrew).

  1. Living with arabs … I see 🙂

    You are posting this so we’d know why you live in the US now … 😉

    I hate to tell you Sariel, but there are arabs in the US too.


  2. They are everywhere, just like Jews.

  3. Right. But look on the bright side : in the US they are much more tame … at least for now. I believe it has something to do with the humane treatment some of their friends got in Guantanamo.


  4. “I believe it has something to do with the humane treatment some of their friends got in Guantanamo.”

    … or with the fact that they’re not under siege with their family members being killed by a Ur-fascist country that can do whatever the hell it wants to them, and has enough weapons and ability to kill them all, and is routinely humiliating and hurting them, taking their land and their liberties, with justice for none. Just a thought…

    The article that Sariel linked to is a Brilliant article by Kashua. Ironically, Kashua, whose mother tongue is Arabic, is also the only Hebrew-writing journalist who knows the meaning of the word למצער (= “retroactively”, but often mistakenly used as “regrettably”). For those who are not Israeli, Sariel should have clarified that Kashua is an Arab Jew and that the article is written in a sarcastic tone, but that the sarcasm is not present at the beginning, and builds up only towards the end (along the lines of Jonathan Swift’s “A modest proposal”), in a way that is remarkably well done. This guy is a wonderful columnist and writer. His book “Dancing Arabs” (English translation by Grove Press, available at Amazon) is highly recommended.

    P.S. Sariel: Kashua is his surname, not his first name. (I.e. family name, not private name).

  5. israeli – I think Kashua is a very good writer with very good Hebrew, and no one needs an explanation as to his tactic of sarcasm in this paper (Although it’s much better to know where Hebrew expressions like “A court won’t help” come from).

    Sarcasm is a very sharp sword, alas a double edge one, and ending an article by saying that people don’t want to live next to arabs is equivalent to shooting yourself in the face after (just a small example, this happens all over the middle east, and also elsewhere) almost all Christian palestinian arabs had to run away from the west bank and gaza once muslim arabs took control of it. I also hear that being an african in Darfur might have the slight impact of shortening ones life expectancy. If you ask me, it’s all the blame of those africans who are rightly experiencing the mild and humane treatment of genocide. People simply miss the fact that this is the way some muslims tend to express themselves, thus an integral part of their freedom of speech. Excuse me for thinking I’d rather be on the surviving side of this conflict, and for not having any guilt trips about it. You might think years of firing rockets into civilian population is a form of freedom of speech not to be suppressed. I don’t.

  6. Oh. Please. No racism accusations on my blog. Next you would speak about Hitler, and then where would we be?

    In any case, I like this piece by Sayed, is that it is not clear what he really thinks about the situation, but he successfully conveys how empty is the discussion of the situation in Israel. You dont have to agree with him to enjoy it. And so I think by now most Israelies are in the same situation. The situation is so hopeless, entrenched, full of contradictions, that there is no solution. And this lack of solution is driving everybody insane, going in tighter and tighter circles, trying to capture their shadow. Or as Dylan said it: “On war and peace the truth just twists”.

  7. @Rafi: Hey, Mommy! Look! An intellectual fascist!

    (Your rhetoric is sub par for this blog. Do they have talkbacks in Jerusalem Post?)

    @Sariel: Agreed. “The situation is so hopeless, entrenched, full of contradictions, that there is no solution”. However, I am ashamed to be part of a people that are not sophisticated enough, or humane enough, to be able to prevent this catastrophe. Not a month ago: that would have been impossible. 20-30 years ago is more like it.

    I would want to be a part of a people who would pull out of the territories when it was clear that the occupation is creating more damage than it’s worth. That is, after the first Intifada. And I think that the reason that we didn’t is not only stupidity (which is excusable) but also greed, racism and jingoism (which are not). Now all I have left to say is: “we’re stuck; now see what you’ve done”, like scolding a kid who soiled his pants, or rather, a kid running around with scissors who just chopped off one of his fingers, and his sister’s head in the process. And the kid is racist. Oh, there goes the metaphor.

  8. The world is what it is. When the people are ready to do what is “right”, it is no longer relevant. I am not sure that anything that Israel would have done would have created a better situation. We have no reality simulator to try out what would have worked better. Israel made a lot of mistakes. The palestinians made a lot of mistakes. In the middle east peace is the continuation of war by other means… Both sides are delusional about reality, and so only the (temporary) modus operendi that will rise out of a mini-war can stabilize the situation, oh for the next 2 years. Maybe. In short, its depressing – thats what I am trying to get across.

  9. “@Rafi: Hey, Mommy! Look! An intellectual fascist!”

    Hey Sariel, it looks like Mr. Hitler and accusations of racism have finally arrived 🙂

    I will of course not try to argue with anyone so intellectual he has to resort to the sophisticated “You are FASCIST ! yes YOU ! I am talking about YOU mister !” argument. After all, using ad hominem cries combined with kindergarden insults are reserved for *real* intellectuals …

    After having received such a mighty blow, all I can do is bow my head and apologize for my filthy and unworthy existence, LOL.


  10. @Rafi: http://www.why-war.com/files/ur_fascism.pdf . Nothing racist about Fascism (though it helps).

    @Sariel: Thanks for your smart words. I have nothing but to agree. I’ll keep in mind that “In the middle east peace is the continuation of war by other means”. Makes sense to me. Causation is way overrated, anyway.

  11. Hmmm. I declare peace between Israeli and Rafi. Lets see if it works any better in my blog than it dows in the real world ;).

  12. \me nukes Rafi

  13. Here’s is a follow-up by Sayed,


    no english version yet.

    indeed, very depressing.