Made it to Aarhus, Denmark

Made it to Denmark. There is already sun light outside at 4am in the morning. The flights were OK, except that the flight from Amsterdam to Billund was share coded on 10 airlines (KLM, Northwest Airlines, Delta, Air Kenya, Mongonlian Arlines, Al Qaeda airlines, etc).

And there is a new journal of computatinal geometry (JoCG = jokeage?) [via 0xDE]. I have my doubts – why I should publish in this online journal after I already published it in JPWS (see also here) is not clear to me.

I personally would like to see a drastic drop in the number of journal papers published. I think there are only few papers (say 10-20% published conference papers) that are worthy the extra refereeing work required to publish them in a journal. Since I did not follow this principal myself in the past, I see the hypocrisy in having such an opinion now.

In any case, if this would lead to the disappearance of CGTA and IJCGA then it is a step forward. This suggests a greedy (Huffman code like) algorithm to reduce the number of journals published: You keep replacing the weakest two journals by a new online journal. Once we have a tree of such journals, the length of the bitstring leading from the root to the journal could be considered as an index of importance of this journal. A 5 bit journal would be excellent (Nature?) and a 50 bit journal (JPWS?) would be bad.

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