20 years later

I am back from my trip. I had a nice trip starting in Aarhus and then Budapest. In Aarhus, I was for SoCG, and in Budapest for Algorithmic and Combinatorial Geometry conference. This conference took place 20 years after a similar conference in 1989 (more or less in the same dates).

And so, 20 years ago Pankaj Agarwal, Janos Pach, Ricky Pollack, Micha Sharir, and Emo Welzl took a car from Germany (probably from Saarbrücken where SoCG 1989 was taking place) to Budapest. On the way, the driver fell asleep on the autoban. The car hit the rails, and was totaled, but nobody was hurt. It is hard to imagine Computational Geometry without the work these people did in the last 20 years. And here is a picture to remember this event…
20 years later

(And I? I just finished high school [and my matriculation exams] — blissfully unaware of the CG future awaiting me — young, but already bitter and clinging to my keyboard.)

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