Last night in Budapest

Tomorrow the flight,
got to sleep.
Too hot, open the veranda door.
Noise from the pub climbs up.
One guy laughs uproaringly nonstop for hours or decades.
Must be a member of an unsleeper cell
of the Spanish inquisition
committed to keeping Jews awake
where ever they might be.

Finally cold enough, close the door.
Too cold with thin cover.
Too warm with thick cover.
Sleep refuses.
Trying to fall asleep while rotating clockwise.
Does not work.
Trying counterclockwise rotations.
Other direction was better.

Wind comes blowing from the facing hill.
Hisses and screeches, inconsistent
Windows and doors ratatat making ratatouille of my sleep.
Any second a window would open and crash.
Turn on the light, try to do some research, reading, praying, etc.
Too stoned. Turn off the light.

Its 3am – time for despair.
Time to consider fairness of life.
Consider: if life was fair would I still be awake?
Philosophical discussion ensues.

Woke up at 6. Time to go to the airport.

  1. Bravo! You write wonderful prose when you are sleep deprived… Have you tried scientific papers?

    I love the clockwise and counter clockwise turns term. Tried it myself when I woke up a little after 4am… It really doesn’t help.

  2. Tried. Does not work

  3. Those damn unsleeper cell. Haven’t the Jewish people suffered enough ?!