Quote: Bridge to nowhere

At the same time members of the Committee on the District of Columbia are considering a bill to build another bridge over the Potomac. There is always a bill to build another bridge over the Potomac, and the number of times these ephemeral spans have been launched across drawing boards and paraded before Congress and displayed to usually irate and always loudly outspoken citizen’s organizations is almost beyond calculation. But the District Committee, charged under the Constitution with the management of the affairs of the voteless Federal City, patiently goes through the motions whenever required. This morning, with Magnus Hollingsworth of Wisconsin in the chair in his usual small, shrewed, purse-lipped fashion, it is giving the matter its usual intensive consideration. Just to show how seriously thy take their duties and how important it all really is,such freshman as bluffly vapid George Carroll Townsend of Maryland and worried Henry Lytle of Missouri are being as solemn as all get out about it, but Magnus Hollingsworth, as befits a veteran on the committee, is surreptitiously reading the funnies under the table edge and isn’t paying attention at all. He knows that bridge isn’t going to be built.
— Advice and Consent, Allen Drury

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