1. What ?! Peter sellers is running for Israeli office ? He has my vote !

    I tried to read that article, I really did, but it’s very hard to read rants. I suppose it’s a form of strange love.

  2. Oh, I would not call it a rant. you should read the hebrew version – it is even funnier…

  3. Also, this is Doron Rosenblom – he can be very funny, but after a while it can be very tiring. However, I think he captures quite well the kind of balagan that seems to be going on…

  4. You really must watch Polishuk. I am watching an episode a day. It is lovely. (Google Search: Polishuk Mako)

  5. A rant or not, I’m still voting for Sellers. He’s not alive, I know, but I’m not sure if the others are.