Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?

I just ran across a very convincing proof on youtube that Obama might be the Antichrist.

Invigorated by the new general proof technique, I think I came up with a proof that the Antichrist is in fact a cucumber. Who would have believed that the Antichrist would turn out to be a cucumber???

The proof goes as follows: By taking the relevant sentence from the Book of Bucky (one of the lost books of the Bible), translating it into Pashto and from there into colloquial Klingonian, and then into Aramaic. The resulting text, sounds like “The Antichrist is a cucumber” (naturally, you have to read the text backward [since Aramaic is the ancient Hebrew and it goes in the wrong direction from right to left]) if it is read by a native of south Dakota.

All cucumbers must immediately be crucified! Show no mercy!

  1. No fear. This is old news, and the situation is under control. Not only are cucumbers daily sliced into small bits and eaten (like all vegetables), they are also stuffed into small boxes with hellish salts (a reminder of Sodom) and made into pickles before being eaten.

    The real problem is with puppies which, as the following clip demonstrates (about 4.30 minutes in), come from Satan. By now they are almost in every home, getting the best possible treatments, and they will soon become the platform for the beast achieving world domination.



  2. Israelis, as the chosen people and the smartest people on earth, have long known that Obama is Ha-Satan. See for example http://www.themonkeycage.org/2009/07/new_pew_report_on_us_internati.html
    An Israeli friend of mine has commented on this “Monkey Cage” post that “We’re officially the stupidest country in the world”. He’s obviously a satanist himself.

  3. Interesting…

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