Jail sentences out of whack?

I regularly follows local news, and I am repeatedly surprised (or disappointed by now) by the long sentences criminals get here. For example, from today’s local newspaper: a person caught DUI for the sixth time got 25 years in jail – see here. Yes, the guy is a drunkard idiot that sold drugs in the past, but in the range of 6-30 years that the judge could use, 25 years seems to me to be off the charts.

Is justice dead in the USA? Illinois? Urbana? My imagination?
Answer correctly and get 400 years prison sentence for free!

  1. Have you read the book “Alibi for a Judge” by Henry Cecil?

  2. No. Seems like a fun book to read. Thanks!

  3. It’s a very funny book. I advise you to read it.

  4. I did a piece on legislation being presented here in Nevada. It would remove the ability of the judge in a DUI conviction to sentence them to a detox and treatment. Instead, they would go to jail. This include first time offenders.

    Not only is is out of whack, but I can tell you why.


    Privatized jails, is a multi-billion dollar industry. Do you honestly think that man with 25 years wasn’t a victim of that? I see from that facts of that case, no one was killed. Not that we should feel sorry for him, but the time doesn’t fit the crime. There are a whole host of other options they could have given him: license revocation for 10 years… etc. DUI is the largest money laundering service in the nation. Police and states get federal funds PER DUI arrest they make.

  5. Interesting. I saw more cases since i posted this blog entry. I am convinced something is broken, as far as the length of sentences… Money might be a motive, but there is something deeper going on…