The diameter of the bomb was thirty centimeters
and the diameter of its effective range about seven meters,
with four dead and eleven wounded.
And around these, in a larger circle
of pain and time, two hospitals are scattered
and one graveyard. But the young woman
who was buried in the city she came from,
at a distance of more than a hundred kilometers,
enlarges the circle considerably,
and the solitary man mourning her death
at the distant shores of a country far across the sea
includes the entire world in the circle.
And I won’t even mention the crying of orphans
that reaches up to the throne of God and beyond, making
a circle with no end and no God.

— Yehuda Amichai, The diameter of the bomb

* * *

I just realized that I did not post any poems by my favourite poet Yehuda Amichai to the blog. So, it is time to repent… Yehuda Amichai poetry is unique in using a very simple daily language, and he is as such translates usually very well into English. Unfortunately, he died a few years back. At some point, an article in Haaretz claimed that he was a candidate for Nobel prize in Litrature, but that he repeatedly dimiinished his chances, by denying that his health was deteriorating, whenever such rumours were spreading.

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