Tomrrow is the new year according to the Jewish calendar. Shana tova! (Literally: Good year.)


שנת שלום וניצחון!

Which means a year of victory and peace. Not completely clear how both can be achieved in the same time or in one year. The schedule is a bit tight – start the war in the first month, achieve victory on the second month, end the war on the third month. Start peace negotiations on the fourth month. Stop negotiations on the fifth month, then resume them on the sixth. Be deeply disappointed by the refusal of the other side for peace on the seventh month, and start preparations for another war on the eight month. Cooler heads win, and preparations for resuming negotiations are being made on the ninth month. At this point, start looking for a mediators, during the tenth month, and resume negotiations on the eleventh month. Magically total peace breaks on the twelfth month, just in time to repeat this schedule next year.

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