zooming into reality

I just bought a new superzoom lens (the Tamron 18-270) since my old one stopped working. It has a pretty amazing range. Here is an example from today.

See the bus?

No? Let me zoom in:

(The picture was taken while standing in one place and only zooming in and out.)

Real photographers will tell you that such zoom lens are pathetic because they have high distortion etc. All true, but I find this zoom range to be exciting as far as enjoying photography.

Also, it is well documented that any discussion on the web concerning any lens converges on the conclusion, by real photographers, that one should buy three lenses instead of the pathethic single lens you were considering, and each one of these lenses costs at least 2000$. This does not imply that one should not spend money on good lens…

  1. I will accept that you didn’t move. Did the bus move?

  2. If you click and zoom on the original picture you can see that it was in the beginning of the turn shown in the second picture. So it moved by a few yars, not more than that.