by **Yehuda Amichai**

God has pity on kindergarten children,
He pities school children — less.
But adults he pities not at all.

He abandons them,
And sometimes they have to crawl on all fours
In the scorching sand
To reach the dressing station,
Streaming with blood.

But perhaps
He will have pity on those who love truly
And take care of them
And shade them
Like a tree over the sleeper on the public bench.

Perhaps even we will spend on them
Our last pennies of kindness
Inherited from mother,

So that their own happiness will protect us
Now and on other days.


I learned this poem in high-school, so I feel naturally ambivalent about it. Not to mention that I used to like only the first half. But it has some value, I hope, despite everything. In any case, I am back from my trip in California, where I had great time…

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