I am going through my old blog entries and comments. A few years back there was a blog disaster, and I had to recover the old entries/comments. And I did, but they remained unsorted, and now I am going back through them, and trying to re-categorize them.

It is clear to me that my old blog entries were better (in some sense – I consider some of my more recent stuff to be not too bad). I think I was more energetic, and wrote longer and more interesting entries. Naturally, part of the time I was traveling, and that helped, but still, the shift in the level and energy in my blogging is quite visible. Twitter and facebook are definitely to blame to some extent, and also I am spending my time writing other stuff and feel too tired to write yet another silly blog entry. Thats how it goes.

Naturally, people left considerably more comments. I am in fact impressed by some of these comments. The funny thing is that I have no clue who some of these people are. So, whoever you were [whether I know who you are or not], thank you…

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