The Anat Kam story

The Anat Kam story – the NYT has a good summary.

Especially interesting is the blacked out article that appeared (as shown) in an Israeli newspaper (the article is translated and is in fact inaccurate, but thats a different issue):

It seems to be even worse than just censorship in some level. Not the censor but a low level court order to gag any publication of the story caused this circus. Even the censor thinks its stupid… http://bit.ly/dB5MbB.

Overall, this is a PR disaster for Israel depicting it (unjustly) as a non-democratic country. I can only hope that the regulation of gag orders in Israel would be changed, otherwise this is not the last time this would happen.

Update: Leaked espionage case shows Israel only targets the weak.

  1. It’s true. Censorship in Israel is worse than in Iran. I begun suspecting it when they closed Ha’Aretz (usually known by it’s arab name “Al Ard”), but I was sure of it when Yediot and Ma’ariv followed. We can now only read one paper who praises our leaders. And the internet becomes suspiciously slow when rioters demand a new election.

  2. As somebody said in one of the blog entries on this story – Israel is turnning more into Chelem than into Iran…

  3. How did they get the censor lady to pose for that super-hard-ass picture? Or did they call up central casting? I can’t believe that’s the real censor — you’d think they’d try to be all smiley and work against type a little bit. Or she should pose with a nice dog.

  4. Well, she is the censor after all – she servers in the army and has to were uniform, etc She seems to be a reasonable person, no?

  5. The censorship may or may not be a good idea (after all you can’t really hide it from Israelis if it’s posted outside Israel. I noticed it before it made headlines here). But Chelem or not, when a journalist compares Israel to Iran on this basis, with bombastic lines such as “… and Israel’s slide toward Iranian-style censorship.” (O RLY ?) … well, you get my drift.

  6. Sure. This article on this story leaves much to be desired as far as accuracy and even a clue on what they write about.