Bibi agrees to a temporary Palestinian state, but only it is of the foldable kind – like the foldable maps where you can fold them and put them in your pocket. I suggest instead that the Palestinian state would be established as a support group on facebook, that would be recognized by the UN.

Really, there is no peace process going on in the middle east. One wonders why anybody pretends to be serious about any of this nonsense, and why the US state department (that surely knows the truth) plays along.

  1. It’s not the case that everyone is pretending. The Hamas doesn’t, for example. As a rule it is better to have the parties truthful about their motives, intentions, and requirements than to have the sort of peace farce that has been going on for almost two decades with the palestinians. That’s why right wing governments in Israel made peace and left wing govs constantly make wars. Fundamentally, the palestinians and arabs in general have to get it that Israel is here to stay. As long as they keep the option of flooding Israel with palestinians on the table, it’s a no go. What Netanyahu is saying is that we don’t intend to allow a palestinian state if it means we will withdraw from a territory only to get rockets fired from it on us, and streets full of raging terrorism. Considering the palestinian record on this issue, it should be understandable. And as I mentioned, it’s better to state your requirements truthfully if you aim for peace, and not for talks combined with an occasional bloodbath.