This blog entry is relevant only if you are a current UIUC wireless network victim, ignore otherwise.

So, connecting to IllinoisNet under Linux seems to be a challenge.

Using wicd this is GUI easy (but took me forever to discover). If you have network-manager running I recommend uninstalling it, as I always have problems with it (YMMV, naturally).

So, connecting to illinoisNet in 193 easy steps:

  1. run wicd-client
  2. select illinoisNet
  3. Press properties
  4. select “PEAP with GTC”
  5. Identity: netid
  6. Password: netid-password.

And you should be good to go…

Remember that if you have wicd running, network-manager should not be running on the system.

This is working with Ubuntu 10.10 and wicd 1.7.0.

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