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Submission format: Authors are required to submit an extended abstract of at most 10 pages, including the bibliography, in (two-column) ACM-Proceedings format. All instructions, including latex templates, needed to produce a PDF file in the required format are available here. Note that, in a break from STOC tradition, STOC 2013 is using the same format and length restriction for submissions and proceedings contributions. Submissions that do not conform to these requirements will not be considered for STOC 2013.


  1. Two columns with small font is harder to read than regular 11/12pt single column format. Poor referees that would have to read pile of papers in such a format. It also enables submitters to submit more stuff that the referees are supposed to read – bad.
  2. I write the full version of the paper first. Reformatting it to two columns if you have figures is a pain. It is a double pain if you use embedded figures (i.e., parpic).
  3. However, you can still submit, in addition, the full version of the paper. How the PC would use this full version, if submitted, is a mystery, but I assume it would involve human sacrifice and dancing near a lake on a full moon night.

To make it clear, submitting a short 10 page version, and a full version is a good idea (it was done in the last SODAs I think). However, I find the use of proceedings format for the abstract submission to be counter productive.