Comcast rate increase…

So Comcast last week increased my bill by 25% for my fast internet connection. I went to their office (its near Urbana High school – 5 minutes biking from my place) – and asked them politely what I can do to lower my bill. They offered me a “special” rate for a year of 19.9$ for the first 6 monthes, and 35$ for the remaining 6 months. So for the next year I would be paying less than I paid before. I had to promise not to cancel my services for a year (sure, why not). In a year or two uc2b would be active in my neighberhood, and there would be a real cheaper alternative.

BTW, from searching in the internet, this seems to be Comcast standard mode of operation. Their increase your rate, you go talk to them, they given a 6-12 months “deal”, and then repeat.

  1. Thanks for the tip. I checked my bill and it has increased by 20% last month.