So, I got my new apartment in IIT Delhi, and except for the water in the kitchen available only a few hours a day (there are less safe water in the bathroom all the time), things are fine. The very nice and big apartment I got is in this three floors complex, which houses both students and some faculty. The construction quality is slightly worse than in eastern Europe before the fall of the wall (if they built like that in the eastern block, the cold war would have ended after one winter, after the would have frozen to death), but overall it is OK.

No, the real problem is the mosquitos. There are two types. The first type just bite you and drink your blood like wine. The second kind are much bigger and swallow you alive and deliver you at your destination after a few hours. A commendable behavior, but not so commendable when they fly over my head every 10-20 minutes, loud and with no discretion to be quiet while I am asleep.

But I am told that after a few hours/days/months/years you get used to it, so not to worry.

My apartment is quite big and has two bedrooms, so I can easily have guests. Also, my bathroom has the most elaborate system of pipes which is almost, but not completely, useless. The office I got on the other hand is very nice – with everything needed. People around here are very friendly.

Settling down stage is over, now time to do some real work.

(And the sausage call for papers is out, if you care for such stuff. Of course, I think we should have a sausage award for the best paper, with the winner getting a real sausage.)

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