India #2

Things are starting to shape up. I have a lady that shows up and clean my apartment. Finally, my apartment no longer feels like sand box. The dust is pretty bad around here. I have wireless from my neighbors, and I got a usb keyboard and mouse and started working seriously in the office. Just discovered a nice extension to firefox called ViewSourceWith which enables me to use emacs to edit this entry (I used to use MoZex, but it seems to be broken and not work for later versions of firefox).

I am still having some sleeping problems, but it is the regular issue of having a wacky timetable which has to be normalized to regular working hours. I am also still in fight with the mosquitos, but I seem to be winning.

Anyway, Shakhar Smorodinsky is visiting me after a track in Nepal. We went yesterday to an expensive restaurant called Bukhara, located in the Sheraton Hotel here. The Sheraton hotel is a complete virtual world, which is a huge contrast with the rest of the environment around. There is something very corrupt in eating a dinner which costs like 130 lunches I eat every day. A very educational experience. And the food? It was good, but I was not that overwhelmed, and service was not very good.

Oh well, time to play the tourist.

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