I am finally settling down, getting used to life here. Apartment is clean (cleaning lady shows up every morning), internet works (currently using neighbors wireless), have printer/scanner at home, and setting in the office is now usable (why is it that having the wrong keyboard can slow one down to a crawl?).

Really, nothing much to complain about. Even me and the mosquitos had reached a modus vivendi – I just leave them a liter of my blood in a puddle in the middle of my living room every morning, and they leave me alone.

So, I had a half an hour today when somebody tried to explain to me cricket. It is a very simple game involving people running around in circles screaming “Oy Vey” all the time, while hand waving white bats as a sign of surrender. This is of course the Jewish version known as the old cricket. Since then the Christians had adopted and extended it, in the process losing the main spiritual benefits of the original version. This is known as new cricket. New Cricket is really very simple and makes as much sense as the book “Godel, Escher, Bach” (but only if you read it in reverse, reading it in the regular direction is a common mistake that should be avoided at all costs).

Bought an extension cord today with three plugs in the end. It is a curiosity that while India has a glut of switches (the richer you are the more switches you have), there is a clear lack of electric plugs in the walls. I guess wanting a lot of plugs in the wall is a sign of western decadence. Anyway, of the three plugs only two of them work. Well, made in India.

Oh, and I finished working on the VC dimension chapter in my class notes. It was depressing to discover that half of the things I knew about VC dimensions were incorrect, and the other half were outdated. It turns out that you do not need VC dimension at all, since shattering dimension can do the work much better for you. And of course, not to mention the fabulous dual shatter dimension. And both have nice geometric intuition unlike VC dimension, and can be used instead and get better results. Also, one can use discrepancy to get the eps-net and eps-sample theorem. Anyway, if you are interested in such crap, you can have a look at my class notes here. Admiring positive comments are welcome as usual, but deprecating negative comments are even more welcome.

Shakhar visited for the weekend, and it was great fun.

And Negar, whats up?

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