Yesterday, I had a plumbing breakthrough. Some of you might have never experienced a plumbing breakthrough (I pity your empty and contrived life, you might think you are alive, but deep inside you know that you are dead), so here is a picture how it looks like:


Explanation: The hot water arrive on the top horizontal pipe gushing in from the right, they turn right, climb up past the T-junction and past the valve (showing their advance parole to the immigration officer sitting inside the valve), and then turn left into a short horizontal pipe connecting (i.e., the breakthrough) them to the shower pipe. Thus, I can now have a shower with both hot and cold water (previously my shower was only with cold water).

How did I shower in the last month? Oh, by filling a small bucket with hot/cold water and spilling this over myself repeatedly. I am told I should be thankful because most Indians dont have hot water to use, in fact they dont have a bucket or even water (or some argument to this effect). BTW, this way of showering is not too bad – kind of reminded me of being a kid playing with water.

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