So what have I done lately? Let see, I was (digestion) sick for a day about two weeks ago, I submitted three papers to SoCG, removed my name from a fourth paper (got really upset with a coauthor behavior [to large extent also because I was sick and not had enough sleep], and decided to remove my name), went to a concert of a Pakistani musician (see details below), and spent the last two/three days being a tourist as Alper Üngör is visiting me. Last night I went to a concert of Sufi music that lasted for three and half hours (!) in the Garden of Five Senses. The Basri brothers appeared in the end, doing two [Qawwalis][1]. I am told they are the best, and indeed it was very nice. But other appearances were also nice.

One of the nice things about Delhi is that there are a lot of free concerts/festivals/etc around. Kind of make your life hard deciding which one to go to. It is getting relatively cold here, and taking an auto (autoriksha) exposes you to the winds.

As for the first concert, it was aborted in the middle, so that the Foreign Minister could felicitate (congratulate) the artist (i.e., give him a bouquet), and the artist gave him bouquet back. (The artist is from Paksitan, and the concert was organized as a symbol of coexistence, etc.) So far so good. What was ludicrous is that they stopped the music in the middle for this stupidity, and that the Foreign minister left immediately afterwards. The audience seems to have been used to such things, and there was no protest from the audience (no boos, etc).

[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qawwali


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