Visitors came and went. Together with Dav I left to Kerela – Kochin, Munar, Kumiliy, Allepey, and now we are in Hydrabad for IJCAI 07. (Unorganized pictures can be found in the usual places.) The conference is badly organized, expensive, being held in a hotel which is ludicriously expensive and far from anything interesting, but the weather is nice. If we belive the rumors (sing along now) then SODA seems like a better place to be. But I always prefer to be in a place where I am not, naturally.

And in the remains of the day (quite good), I might probably go to sleep. Nice trip so far. Hydrabad for a few more days, and then Banglore, and then back to Delhi.

And the weather in Shampoo-Bananana is suppedly warm and nice. Global warming or personal vendetta against me??? Only time would tell.

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