I am back! In my apartment in IIT Delhi. I had traveled the land, and had great times. And had a long sequence of friends. Had great time with all of them (A, D, P, etc) [which will not prevent me from hating them for the rest of my life, naturally]. But it is good to be back “home” to regular work.

I am completely sick because of AC hotels, flights and a touch of the flu. My ears are so stuffed I can not even hear the airplanes flying above IIT. Maybe I should keep them in this state.

Anyway, a few insights gained from travel:

1. The SirSir lemma states that a tout can always be recognized by the fact that they would call you “sir” and “sir” without any stop between the two words, thus it sounds like a new word “sirsir”. I think sirsir is a great invention and it should be more widely used.

2. The YesYes lemma states that an auto Riksha driver would answer yes (and usually yesyes) to any question asked independently of the question. Example: “Do you know where XX is?”. It is usually a good indication that the real answer is NO.
3. You want to have fun in India? Travel outside the cities. Try to get to nature, which is stunning at places. Don’t spend too much time in the touristic places.
4. Service in “expensive” hotels/restaurants in India sucks. It overwhelms you. For example, you try to serve yourself some rice – the waiter would come running across the room, grub the spoon from your hand (while hitting your head with something heavy to make sure you will not show resistance), and give you as much rice as they think you earned. Resistance is futile.

On the other hand, when you want to get some attention, it does take a while to get it. It is a strange combination of over-attention and incompetence.

5. Expensive hotels are truly terrible. The hotels feel that since you made the mistake of staying with them, it in fact mean that they can cheat you on everything. They would over charge you for food, taxis (without any shame they would charge you 2-4 times more than the market price for thins like that) and even water (even if you pay 225$ a night). The idea that since you paid so much for your room, they should go out of their way to make sure you get a good deal on everything else is completely foreign to them. Also, expensive hotels seems to be located in holes, so that youa prisoner of the hotel and their over-priced services.

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