Some prose for a change

In the defense of plagiarism:

_ But now, reflecting further, there begins to creep into his breast a touch of fellow-feeling for his imitators. For it seems to him now that there are but a handful of stories in the world; and if the young are to be forbidden to prey upon the old then they must sit for ever in silence. _

from J.M. Coetzee somewhat strange noble prize lecture(long). If I got his point, then it applies also to research not only to writing stories.

And here is another quote by him:

_ You call those men crazy. To me they do not seem crazy at all. On the contrary, they seem all too canny, all too clear-headed. And with world-historical ambitions too. They want to turn the ship of history around, or failing that to sink her. _

from this very nice story (also long). I however deplore you not to read this story because of this quote, since it is unrelated to the main body of the story.

And here is another quote (short).

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