Travel tips

So, I have an android phone and tablet, and I had recently traveled outside the US (SoCG and other stuff). Anyway, I want to report two very useful apps:

  1. OSMAnd+ – this app has downloadable offline vector maps (of the whole world?) and navigation. It works amazingly well with my tablet (way better than a dedicated GPS) – it worked well both in Rio and Cyprus for driving/walking around. You know – you put in the destination address and it show you the route, and recompute it as necessary without being connected to the network.

    What google maps could have been… Also enable one to find nearby stores/ATMs, etc. This is one of the few apps that I paid for, but there is also a free version…

  2. Trip advisor has dedicated apps for some large cities. Its app for Rio was very useful. Again enable one to download all the relevant data, and use it without data connection.

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