If you follow the news you know that the white house is having trouble explaining the firing of the eight united states attorneys early in 2005. At some point the explanation was that “it is standard procedure”, the next it is “everybody does it”, the next it is “they did not do their job properly”, the next it is “they did not pursue election fraud properly“. And the latest is of course that it was NOT (I repeat NOT) Harriet E. Miers idea. (You remember her, she is the lady that caused the perfect storm when she was a candidate to be a judge in the supreme court. That was not her idea either BTW. I think she must stop not having these ideas.) Of course, Gonzales took full responsibility for the firing as long as taking responsibility had no consequences. But as long as W does not say that “Gonzy, you did a heck of a job“, I think he is safe.

Avert your eyes from these bumbling fools – they really dont know how it happened.

I have a confession to make.

It was me. Yes. Me. One day I just woke up and I had this brilliant idea to fire these attorneys. It just felt right. It just made sense. I am sure that Nicky felt the same level of being right about his little idea as I was about mine. Admittedly it was not as big as my previous brilliant idea (i.e., invading Iraq), which in hindsight was not so great (but in the US it does not matter if your idea is good or not, it just matters if it is big, and man this one was a bigy).

So using my undocumented psych powers I implanted the idea in the brains of the current administration bigwigs, and the rest is history…

In my next confession – why did I kill Jesus.

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