Sad news

Jirka Matousek had died yesterday (Monday, March 9, 2015) after a long illness at age 52. Today would have been his birthday. Not only was Jirka an amazing researcher, but he had written several important books, from his wonderful book on discrepancy, to his equally great book on discrete geometry, to his book on the Borsuk-Ulam theorem, and his (coauthored) introductory book on discrete math. See his webpage for more information about his books and papers.

I feel inadequate to summarize Jirka’s research. From his work on partitions trees, discrepancy, embeddings, topology, linear-programming, derandomization, cuttings, approximation algorithms, discrete geometry and much much more.

Quoting from the email I got with this sad news: “He will further live with us through our memories and in his excellent books and papers.”

May he rest in peace.