Korea 14 – Misc

1. Another year, another SoCG. Thats how it goes. Nice to meet the usual suspects. Not nice to meet all the people that did not come (you all suck!). Oh well. Anyway, my talks are available here:

* Relative Approximations in Geometry: Paper, slides and slides source.
(BTW, the paper appeared in the conference as a merged paper.)
* Embeddings Thingies in Euclidean Space: Paper, slides, and slides source.

I spent some time cleaning the latex (using beamer [use pdflatex to get the slides]). This might be useful if you want a starting point for making slides with beamer.

2. Garbage awareness problem – The solution to garbage in Korea is to have very few garbage cans. The idea is that if there are no garbage cans then garbage does not exist. It works much better than one would expect, but still inevitably you still see piles of garbage here and there. This is mainly an awareness problem – this garbage is unaware that it does not exist.
3. Highway driving – cars have GPS that warn them from camera and speed traps. So regular speed on the highway is 130kph, with sudden slowdowns in the places the GPS recommend.

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